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TinyBurst--- CARPOOL? --- (Creating Credible Characters in Fiction) 
--- Deanna Adams

Deanna AdamsWho are you picking up for a ride in your novel and why: creating characters that make the reader care. In any story, the characters are what get readers emotionally involved or at least should. They need to be brought to life to our readers in authentic, believable, and engaging ways. Characters in novels should seem real so that readers can relate to them and care about them. Author Deanna Adams will give tips on how to create real characters that readers will believe, enjoy and remember long after that last page.



TinyBurst--- SET THE FLARES --- (Enticing Them to Buy)
--- Susan Gable

Susan Gable

 Bring attention to your completed book: marketing strategies once your book is live on Amazon. The book is done. It’s live on Amazon, available wherever books are sold. Now what? Now you market it.

USA Today Bestselling Author, Susan Gable, will share some of her favorite promotional tools with you, from an author’s website, to videos, to easy-to-use social media creation tools. Dive deep into the How-To of these tools and learn how to promote that book!



TinyBurst---NAIL IN THE TIRE --- (All Is Lost)
---Hilary Hauck

Hilary HaukHow to strand your protagonist at the side of the road: writing your character in and out of their rock bottom moment. We’re going to dive headfirst into the moment when All is Lost. I’m not talking about your writing career—au contraire, I’m talking about that bit in your story when your hero hits rock bottom. When she gets in the deepest, darkest, biggest possible mess. Do it well, and it might just get your fiction noticed.

We’ll answer questions like:

• Does my hero have to get into trouble?

• Is she in a deep enough rock bottom?

• Can’t she just walk away?

• What’s a whiff of death and do I need one?



TinyBurst--- LAUGH TRACK ON - TUNING INTO THE COMEDY STATION --- (Comedy. . . Writing It Isn't a Laughing Matter)
--- Holly Jacobs

Holly JacobsWake up to exploring all sides of comedy writing: comedic characters, situations, and how comedic timing can be used in dramatic material. Explore the lighter side of life and writing with Madcap Award-winning author, Holly Jacobs. From comedic characters to comedic situations, from how comedies relate to dramas.




TinyBurst--- CAR TALK --- (How to Make Your Dialogue Sparkle [and Get an Editor’s Attention])
--- Liana Laverentz

Liana Laverentz

Tune up your dialogue and get the attention of editors: writing relatable and realistic dialogue. As the editor of more than 100 titles with The Wild Rose Press, Liana shares what catches her eye, both in a good way and in a not-so-helpful way.

Topics include the three purposes of dialogue:

          • dialect,
          • dialogue as action,
          • eliminating the mundane,
          • and using dialogue to get into and out of a scene.



TinyBurst--- DEAD MAN'S CURVE  --- (Writing Habits That Drive Editors to Drink)
--- Barbara Lockwood

Barbara LockwoodSlow down and learn the most common mistakes of novice writers: editing and polishing tips to master before submission. Running Wild Press editor Barbara Lockwood warns how to avoid common writing tics that mark you as an amateur bound for the reject pile. Learn self-editing tips for polishing your work before submission.




TinyBurst--- ALTERNATE ROUTE --- (Writing as a Nonfiction Expert)
--- Carol Silvis

Carol SilvisMap out a plan to write for various niche markets: the rules of textbook, journal and newsletter writing, just to name a few. There is a huge market for nonfiction books, articles, personal essays, and stories on a variety of subjects. If you have a good idea for a nonfiction topic, come learn how to get noticed. This workshop will address writing for various nonfiction niche markets such as business books, textbooks, educational materials, journals, magazines, and newsletters.

Information will include determining viable markets and topics, addressing timely issues, analyzing writing in magazines, choosing appropriate titles, writing in a way people can relate to, and researching the topic. Handouts included.


TinyBurst--- CHECKING UNDER THE HOOD --- (Elements of Poetry)
--- Patricia Thrushart

Patricia ThrushartOil the pistons of fine writing by greasing the wheel of poetry: hone your prose by enhancing your poetic skills.

Craft is to poetry what spark plugs, oil filters, and belts are to a high-performance car. Using Mary Oliver’s “A Poetry Handbook” as a guide, this workshop will give the participants a chance to experiment with the key elements of the poetic craft, including sound, turning the line, form and imagery.  

Examples of each element will be explored, and there will be several opportunities for attendees to practice using each element.  The workshop is relevant to anyone interested in honing their craft while writing poetry, no matter what their experience.



Enjoy time to yourself or eat your lunch while joining Holly and Susan during “Lunchin’ With Holly and Susan.” Every good road trip needs a few rest stops. Come grab a coffee and kick back with bestselling, award-winning, Erie authors Susan Gable and Holy Jacobs (the Dynamic Duo of “Trippin’ With Holly & Susan” podcast). Chat about writing, about publishing, about...well, like any good road trip, the conversation occasionally goes off-roading. But Susan and Holly are happy to take a spin around the unexpected block.  


TinyBurst--- KEEP ON TRUCKING --- 

Closing Remarks and Hang Around and discuss writing with Presenters and Attendees after the workshops.



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