Have You Gone Beyond Full Term?

How long have you been carrying your book baby around?


Many online entrepreneurs develop a case of the “Yeah-I-should” when they first heard about using a book to boost their biz. Some online entrepreneurs went into a book pregnancy and actually gave birth to their ideas.

And then there’s you: you’ve gone way beyond the normal nine months gestation and that puppy is still in there, begging to come out.

How much longer are you going to carry it around making you feel all puffy and pregnant, a bit fearful, and yet so eager….dabbling in it’s name (will it be a boy or a girl?); showing it off to Grandma and Grandpa; taking it to Barnes and Noble for its christening book signing?

All online entrepreneurs understand the value of having a book as a product to:

• Increase name recognition

• Boost income and cash streams

• Indicator of your professionalism

• Gain business recognition and growth

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During this free video series, we will be helping you to get past your excuses and finally writing that book with some practical tips and mindset modeling to get you over the humps. We will give you important information you will want to know before rolling up your sleeves to work, and we will show you how to get past those roadblocks that have kept you pregnant with this book baby for so long.

Your hosts are Jamie Saloff and Pat Matson. Between us both, we have over 40 years of writing, publishing, and entrepreneurial assistance experience.

Pat has been writing, ghostwriting, and assisting entrepreneurs with their written marketing needs. One of her ghostwritten books has been chosen for Oprah's book club. 

Jamie has spent years working one-on-one with authors who want to publish their own book. She has led countless authors from manuscript to publication using her easy-to-follow seven-step publishing process.

Together, we will lead you in this free video series so you can finally write, publish, and deliver that biz-boosting book you've wanted to write for so long.

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