Welcome to Bookectomy.com

The purpose of Bookectomy is to teach busy entrepreneurs how they can write, publish, and profit from a book, even if they think they don't have time. Our teachers are hand-selected covering topics such as:

  • How to write: 
    (grammar, technique, plotting, characterization, theme, point of view, outlining, genre tips, dialogue, editing, rewriting, and much, much, more)

  • How to publish:
    (ebooks, short stories, novels, traditional publishing, getting an agent, reading the agreement, self-publishing, avoiding pratfalls, and more)

  • How to market products, books, and services: 
    (what to avoid, ROI, how to market on a budget, and more)

  • How to live life to the fullest:
    (health and wellness, spirituality, financial independence, and more)

  • Coaching options for one-on-one guidance

  • ...and more

Here's how you can participate:

Bookectomy selects educators who have expertise in one of the aforementioned categories. While most of our teachers come to us via recommendation, if you feel you would qualify, please contact us. Here's how: 

If you're interested in becoming one of our educators, please drop me an email letting me know the type of course you have to offer. Tell me a little about yourself and include a link to your website or other pertinent info. Please make sure to include your contact info. We will set up a time to chat via phone or Skype so we can have a virtual coffee, per se. During that time we can get to know each other a little better to see if your course would be a good fit.

Contact Me (Jamie) by Clicking Here

Here's some of the basics of how it works: 

You provide Bookectomy with your course materials and the promotion information we need to post your instructional class. (More details will be provided to accepted educators.) Classes can be delivered via text, audio, or video, or a mix of all three. Perhaps you have instructional materials you've used in the past that are gathering dust and you wonder what to do with them. Or we are tickled if you'd like to create something especially for us.

In return, we ask that you post our Bookectomy educator logo on your website and provide a link to us from your website or blog. In addition, we ask that you occasionally help promote the class via your newsletter/social media/blog or other types of promotions that you do. There is no specific way you must do this (as long as it is in good taste). 

Students will learn more about you and what you do via your bio and any bonus offering you decide to provide. If you are a coach who is marketing yourself, you are permitted to mention your IFO (irresistible free offer) with links to your website. (You are not required to offer a bonus.) If you are an author, you may simply be looking for ways to introduce more people to your books.

We will also be posting educator highlight interviews or articles to help promote your class, along with other promotional devices that we use.

We are particularly looking for entry level courses we can offer for free. If you would like to offer a paid course, please contact us with details. Paid courses should be highly desirable offerings that offer exceptional value for the price. Our hope is that you will see the value in sharing your instruction in return for visibility and an influx of potential new clients and/or readers. For paid courses, educators, of course, receive a generous percentage of the income. (Contact us for complete details on how this works.)


What the classes are like:

Students are offered free access to simple, low-end or introductory materials and are asked to pay a fee for access to more detailed educational materials. (Note, we do not allow "selling," but feel free to offer a bonus to connect them to your website.

To see a sampling of classes, sign up on Bookectomy and view some of the available free offerings.  


Please feel free to contact me for more information.