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If you have purchased the book or ebook 7 Easy Steps to Professionally Self Publish Your Book Using Lightning Source or IngramSpark, and would like printouts of the worksheets, this is where to get them. 

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Jamie L. Saloff

Jamie L. Saloff, a self-publishing specialist with over eighteen years experience, works with creative, enterprising women who have a method to teach or a story to tell and a desire to inspire others. Jamie teaches them how to use books to grow their clientele and increase income so they have more freedom to do what they love.
Jamie offers books, classes, and one-on-one guidance designed to fit every budget. She coaches clients on: 
- Project planning

- Book brainstorming

- Writing accountability

- Self-publishing counseling for print and ebooks

- Website marketing assistance 

- Manuscript assessments

- and more . . . 
Jamie is dedicated to helping authors avoid the many scams and money traps hidden in the book publishing and marketing world. She shows clients how to keep costs low and profits high while stressing the importance of quality and professionalism. She is the author of seven books including 7 Easy Steps to Professionally Publish Your Print Book. 

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