The Bookectomy Facebook group is where entrepreneurs, alternative practitioners, and other busy authors learn how to cost-effectively publish and market quality, profitable books without stress.

It’s also the perfect group for a busy professional like you who:

- Is unsure which steps to do first, second, or third, so you end up juggling everything at once slowing down the whole process,

- Gets so caught up in the details you become bogged down in a looming task that drags on and on,

- Keeps putting off this easy money-maker while dreading a new process or technology you don't have time for,

- Thinks you have to go it alone (you don’t) to save costs,

- Wants your book to shine with brilliance, but are unsure you have nailed it,

- Has lost track of the difference between quality design and just being pretty,

- Worries all your hard work will be laughed at,

Bookectomy is led by design professional Jamie Saloff, who has been working in the publishing field for nearly twenty years guiding men, women, talented teens, Gen Xers, baby boomers, and golden agers from all walks of life—regardless of technical ability—through her seven easy publishing steps. She is the author of 7 Easy Steps to Professionally Self-Publish Your Book.

Jamie understands that when it comes to designing your first DIY book if you have never done this before you may not even know what to ask or where to start. Bookectomy helps to guide its members by offering daily themes with practical tips and information you need to write, design, publish, and market your book. We also have a weekly networking day where you can join with others to find promotion partners to further your reach.

Weekly Themes:

Each day of the week has its own theme!

Monday: is all things writing and your week's goals. Set the intention for what you need to get written this week, whether you are still writing chapters or are ready to write your marketing text.

Tuesday: Tuesday: is tech and numbers day. Tech questions. Copyright. LCCN, tax filings (oh-my!) This is the day to ask tech and financial questions.

Wednesday: is Barn raising/networking day. Taken from an idea in Barbara Sher's book, "Barn Raising" is the day you ask for things you need. Maybe you need to find answers about the chemical components of an apple. You state what you need, see if other members know someone who could provide the answer or material you need. This is also the day to let others know if you have an opening on a POD cast or are looking to interview a particular type of author. Like HARO (Help A Reporter Out) today is the day to help each other. (Note, this is not an ad day. Dropping ads is not allowed. Asking for reviews is also not encouraged.)..

Thursday: is graphics and book cover day. It's also goal check-in day. Today we talk about all things graphics. It's also a day to check in on our goal completion status. Why Thursday and not Friday? Because by Friday we tend to blow things off until Monday. If we check in on Thursday, you still may have time to complete the goals that are undone..

Friday: is publishing day. Today we talk about anything connected to publishers (all types), printing, and preparing your book for print.

Saturday: is marketing day. Tips and tricks for marketing your book. It’s also Silly Saturday. Post a joke that make authors laugh.

Sunday: is Celebration Day! Any books that launched during the week will be celebrated on this day..

The Warnings:

Bookectomy isn’t for everybody. Bookectomy:

- promotes joint cooperation and networking, not competition,

- quality and professionalism,

- believes quality and good design equates to more sales and visibility,

- supports teamwork and mutual respect for what we are all trying to accomplish,

- welcomes open-minded members willing to stretch to be their best,

- There are lots of ways to self-publish and while we don't criticize anyone for the route they choose we do bemoan the fact that, sadly, not all of those means are on the up and up. Jamie offers free author consultations if this is you and you need to know what to do next.

Bookectomy is not:

- a critique group; critiquing of books is not allowed here,

- for short-cut Charlies who slap things together and call them done,

- a spam drop - we do not tolerate dropping of ads, spamming,

- a whine fest, members who just want to complain or criticize will be ousted.

If this sounds like something you would find helpful, click below to join the group!

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