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These are the 2019 Workshop Descriptions!
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The Writer's Road Trip offers a three-track conference schedule along with time for lunch. Attend any workshop you choose. Some of the more in-depth workshops extend through two periods. You can download the whole schedule to pre-plan your learning experience. Also, check out the special events that are happening in the Hospitality Suite for those who just want to chat, browse our offerings, or just sit back and chill. Not sure which workshop is for you? Ask on our Facebook Page or email Todd Main at toddmain (AT) neo.rr.com for more information. 

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TinyBurst--- TAKE A VIRTUAL ROAD TRIP WITH PODCASTING --- (The Value of Your Personal Story) 
--- Maxwell Ivey

IveyIn this session, attendees will learn the importance of knowing the value of their personal story. Yes, you are the expert on your own "story" (your life journey), so hone the details and let it work for you without ever leaving your house. Benefits include a sharper author platform and presence, a wider scope for book sales, increased confidence, networking both nationally and internationally and, on occasion, even physical speaking opportunities. Best of all, this trip is FREE every time! Our virtual vehicle will be Podcasts. I invite you to open the door, step in and accompany me as I point out wonderful "sites" and how podcasting has worked for me in the comfort of my own home--and can work for you, too!


TinyBurst--- BABY ON BOARD 2 --- (Picture Books and Chapter Books)
--- Debra Rae Sanchez

DebraSanchezBuilding upon last year’s very successful “Writing Children’s Books” (which was an overview of the basics of writing for children and teens), Debra returns with a more focused class. This workshop will take a closer look at what writing needs to consider when writing for young children.

Focus Points Include:

  • Age of child
  • Word count
  • How many pictures
  • Type of book
  • Genre considerations 

TinyBurst--- DON'T FORGET YOUR SIDE MIRRORS --- (Life Impacts Writing)
--- Holly Jacobs

Holly JacobsHolly Jacobs is known for Monday Glee. She's a not so closeted science geek and knows a smattering of sign language, pottery, and cooking. She's taken care of kids (a lot of kids) and older relatives. She's served on the PTA. She's worked with teen moms. All those life experiences and so many more have ended up in her books. And those real life experiences have made her characters' fictional lives all the more "real and more powerful. Join bestselling, award-winning author, Holly Jacobs, to talk about how personal biography can take your fiction to a new level.


TinyBurst--- WAXing POETIC AND POLISHing YOUR WORDS --- (Learn 5 Benefits on How Toastmastrs Can Help Polish Your Words)
--- Amy Bovaird

Amy BoviardThere’s nothing better than sporting a spiffy “vehicle” as you travel your own writer’s road trip. But for many authors, the challenge of waxing poetic about the dream car they’ve worked so hard to achieve, falls flat. In this session, you will learn 5 benefits to how Toastmasters, a professional speaking organization, can help you polish your words to present your “baby” in the best possible light. With practice, your confidence will put you squarely in the driver’s seat. Your talk will leave your audience hanging onto your bumpers, even as you drive off!


TinyBurst--- RECONSTRUCTION AHEAD --- (Revising and Polishing Your Manuscript)
--- Annette Dashofy

Annette DashofyYou’ve finally typed “The End” on that first draft. Congratulations! Now what? Just because it’s finished doesn’t mean it’s ready for the world to see. Learn how to revise and polish your manuscript to take it from ragged to ready for submission.



TinyBurst--- A VIEW FROM THE OVERLOOK --- (Show Don't Tell Your Descriptions)
--- Kathy Otten

Kathy OttenIt’s the mantra of most critique groups, editors, and agents. But what does that mean? How do you describe a scene without telling? In this workshop, we’ll look at ways to take boring descriptions and make them active.



TinyBurst--- YOUR PROFITABLE PUBLISHING PATH --- (Which publishing path is right for you?)
--- Jamie Saloff

Jamie SaloffExpanded and back by popular demand, this is a 2-session workshop.
Register early and you won't need to take notes in this intensive class. YPPP small cover shdwYou'll get a free, printed book to use for reference. (Keep reading for details.

  Finalizing your book? Ready to explore publishing but unsure which type is right for you? Traditional? Ebooks? Self? Tucked between the pages of publishing are confusing terms and lingo. Advance? Royalties? Print-on-Demand? Vanity Press? Listening to the chatter on the web only blurs the lines more.

During this two-part session, learn how to discern which publishing path is right for your book—(and it can differ from book to book). We will look at the information you need to know before making a decision. We will discuss the potential costs and profits using numbers as reported by authors who have “been there.” You will glean the vital knowledge necessary to make the leap from manuscript to published—profitably.

How to Profit in Publishing, will be given free to early bird registrants who are taking Jamie's class. This 70-page book contains all the class materials. Books are available on a first-come, first-served basis so once you register, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can reserve your book. Once our supply is gone, no more will be available. (This book is not available in stores!)


TinyBurst--- ARE WE THERE YET? --- (Dynamic Dialogue)
--- Catherine McLean

Catherine McLeanLearn how to confidently create and convey internalizations, telepathic conversations, and words spoken out loud that net dynamic dialogue.

Learn to effectively use speech tags and beats (stage business) and how punctuation can enhance the sound and emotion of a character's words.


TinyBurst--- PICKING UP HITCHHIKERS --- (Writing the Other: How to Make Your Cast of Characters Inclusive without Offending)
--- Fritze Roberts

Fritze Roberts

In this integrative workshop, you’ll learn how to diversify the characters you write without relying on stereotypes or tropes. We’ll cover how to write people of different genders, sexualities, cultures, and colors.

Then we’ll go over tips for how to avoid common pitfalls. An open and respectful attitude will be expected of all participants. 


TinyBurst--- Building a Garage --- (Web Site Building for the Tech Challenged)
--- Susan Gable

Susan GableYour writing needs a home! In today’s digital world, that means you need a website, whether you’re just starting out or already published.

Problem is, you just don’t have the mechanical (technical) skills to get it done. Not only that, but you don’t even know the basics!

Come learn the basics (and more!) of websites! USA Today Bestselling Author Susan Gable will give you a glimpse under the hood and show you around her favorite website engine. You’ll be tinkering in no time!

TinyBurst--- WHAT DRIVES YOUR STORY? --- (Understanding Goal, Motivation, and Conflict)
--- Kathy Otten

Kathy OttenWhat are all the agents and editors of the publishing world looking for in the piles of manuscripts they receive: beautiful writing, an interesting plot, or great characters? In this workshop, we’ll take look at the three basic building blocks of story construction and learn how to use them to create a story your reader will love.


TinyBurst--- PUMPING YOU UP --- (Fueling Your Stories with Humor)
--- Amy Bovaird

Amy BoviardLaughter isn’t just for stand-up comics. In this hands-on workshop, Bovaird offers tips on injecting humor into your prose. She shares personal examples and provides a nurturing environment for participants to experiment with their own humor. Authentic humor lightens, enlivens, changes perspectives and sheds light on uncomfortable truths all while drawing readers to you.


TinyBurst--- Shiny & the Center of Attention --- (Creating Videos for the Tech Challenged)
--- Susan Gable

Susan GableYou’ve done everything to make your car (writing) shiny. But how do you make it the center of attention? How do you get someone to buy it?

You use the latest tools to make everyone take notice! (Like our WRT promo video? It was made by Susan!)

By 2022, 82% of internet traffic will be videos. USA Today Bestselling Author Susan Gable will teach you the ins and outs of basic video creation (using easy tools!) in this workshop. Don’t get left in the dust. Make your book the center of attention with video. 

TinyBurst--- FIX A FLAT TIRE --- (Three Act Structure)
--- Catherine McLean

Catherine McLeanMake no mistake—every good story has a structure, a blueprint, a foundation. Otherwise, the story goes flat, dead-ends, the middle is a muddle, and other vexing problems occur. Knowing the fundamentals of the 3 Act Structure helps a writer produce marketable fiction that readers will enjoy.


TinyBurst--- Making It to Your First Rest Stop --- (Preparing for the NANOWRIMO Win)
--- Fritze Roberts

Fritze RobertsWhether you’re a pantser, a planner, or somewhere in between, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a fun opportunity to get more words on the page than you ever have before. Prepping for this journey can mean so much more than outlining. In this session, we’ll discuss strategies for success during NaNoWriMo, including:

• Researching location and facts,
• Selecting your cast of characters,
• Exploring theme and message,
• Developing characters,
• and of course, Plotting the story.

We’ll also touch on strategies for keeping up word count, and morale, during this challenging journey. Get ready to have some fun!


TinyBurst--- OUT OF THE CAR SEAT --- (Middle Grades and YA)
--- Debra Rae Sanchez

Debra Ray SanchezBuilding upon last year’s very successful “Writing Children’s Books” (which was an overview of the basics of writing for children and teens), Debra returns with a more focused class. This workshop will take a closer look at what writing needs to consider when writing for older children and teens.

Focus points include:

  • Age of reader
  • Ability vs. maturity
  • Word count
  • Genre considerations

TinyBurst--- TAKING THE RIGHT FORK IN THE ROAD --- (Author Website vrs. Blog)
--- Gene Ware

Gene WareIf you are like most up-and-coming writers, you probably dream of getting published. Most writers are sadly unprepared for what publishing actually takes. When they do eventually get published, they find themselves disappointed with the process, and with how many books they sell. This session examines what you need to do before you create a plan for the best way to move your writing success forward. In the end, it is simply a matter of doing first things first. Before you can do anything, you need to know:

  1. Where you are now.
  2. Where you want to go,

Only then can you know the best, most cost-effective, and worthwhile ways to move your writing venture forward. One good way to start is Googling yourself. Make sure you use your full name, including middle initial. If you have never done this, do it now. Do your results indicate that you are a “serious” writer?

If you were a literary agent, a publisher’s intake editor, or a potential fan eyeballing the search results, would you be interested? Would having an author website help? Would a blog be better? Maybe both? What is the difference between a Website and a Blog? What about social media? - - Does it help sell books, and is it helpful or harmful?
This session is designed to help you understand these important questions.


TinyBurst--- EVEN MORE! --- 

Every good road trip needs a few rest stops. Come grab a coffee and kick back with bestselling, award-winning, Erie authors Susan Gable and Holy Jacobs (the Dynamic Duo of “Trippin’ With Holly & Susan” podcast). Chat about writing, about publishing,
about...well, like any good road trip, the conversation occasionally goes off-roading. But Susan and Holly are happy to take a spin around the unexpected block. Location: Hospitality Suite. Times: 9:00 - 10:30  


TinyBurst--- KEEP ON TRUCKING --- 

After the workshops, meet back in the Hospitality Suite for the silent auction, book signing, announcement of the Writing Contest winners, turn in your opinion survey, and closing remarks.


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Book Donations for Children Wanted: 

Pennwriters Area 1 and The Writer’s Road Trip writing conference want to grow our community involvement. As part of this, we have chosen to partner with the Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit by donating books for their students. We are asking all WRT participants to bring a new book to donate, if they so choose, the day of the conference.

The IU5’s clients are children with speech/language, fine motor, cognitive and physical needs, etc., that require services prior to attending school. The children the IU5 will be working with are birth-preschool. So best choices are early readers and picture books, but any book that can be read by a therapist or parent will be appreciated as well. As authors and writers, we feel it’s only fitting that we foster the love of reading and the written word early on. We thank you in advance for your donation to this effort.


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