During this workshop you will walk through the seven easy steps to publish your print book, while learning valuable, sales-making tips for producing a quality-looking product that makes buyers rave. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and receive answers from someone versed in working with non-techie authors.

In addition, you will glean:

  • How to choose a printer/publisher and what to avoid

  • Why should you choose print books over ebooks (or do both)

  • When you can do-it-yourself and when to hire help

  • Where to get free, secret pro-guides to walk you through the sticky parts

  • Cost evaluation sheets for publishing, promoting, and money management

  • Must dos and don’ts that create profitable, well-selling books

  • Pro-design tips for both inside the book and on the cover

  • Navigating the barrage of technical jargon so you sound like a pro

  • How to ensure your book is available worldwide

  • What you absolutely must know about copyright

  • And much, much more!

This workshop is being offered live as part of Lily Dale's season of event. To register, visit the link here.  Lily Dale is a wonderful place to visit and to learn. To explore all the wonderful attributes of Lily Dale, including the Stump, the Healing Temple, daily and weekly events, and much more, visit www.LilyDaleAssembly.org


JamieSaloff 170sqJamie Saloff is a publishing doula with over fifteen years experience assisting in a book’s delivery from manuscript to printed book including interior layout and cover design, creating files for your printer, guidance with paperwork and copyright filings, ebook creation, market messaging, and more. She has taught her seven easy steps to men, women, talented teens, Gen Xers, baby boomers, and golden agers from all walks of life—regardless of technical ability.

 A design expert, her clients learn how to produce quality, profitable books, while avoiding common publishing pratfalls. She is the author of seven books including  7 Easy Steps to Professionally Self-Publish Your Book Using Lightning Source or IngramSpark: A Quick Reference Guide for Creating Print-on-Demand Books that Increase Your Income and Visibility. She is also the co-teacher of Metaphysical Marketing Mastery, an intensive course for spiritually-minded entrepreneurs who want a better understanding of online marketing. She runs an online, educational portal called Bookectomy.com™ helping entrepreneurs deliver biz-boosting books. 
Jamie lives in NW PA and WNY with her husband and two cats.