LoneRanger silver 1965 PD WMC adptMany of my first-time callers are shy at the start of the call. They may have accomplished great things in their lives… overcome adversity to succeed in business or athletics, studied long hours to gain doctorates, fought off disease, struggled through a tough divorce, triumphed over tragedy, yet when it comes to creating a Profitable Print Product, they are unsure where to start. They’ve never done this before, therefore, they may not even know what to ask to get started.

Talking to Lone Rangers, I find one thing they do have is an overpowering sense of independence, determination, and often, sheer will. They are sure that they will find a way to accomplish this task; I am just one stop along the way to their actually doing it. It’s not a question of if they will do it, but when

Lone Rangers are similar to Invisible Magi in that they are typically well educated, well versed in how to run a business or reach a goal. But unlike the Magi, the Lone Rangers have not been afraid to jump on the Internet and try their hand at it. In fact, they are not really afraid to try anything that they see as a potential avenue for them to advance themselves, their business, and/or their talents. (One client took up skydiving at age 70.)

More often than not, the main thing a Lone Ranger needs to get started is some quality guidance from a knowledgeable source. Just as the television version of the Lone Ranger had Tonto as his loyal guide, archetypical Lone Rangers are also looking for that guidance to show them the right path whether they are just beginning to write their first Profitable Print Product or have already published a book and are looking to further its reach.


• Lone Rangers carry a sense of invincibility, a belief and a determination that there is a way and a means, they just have to find it. And they likely will, because that determination will carry them through whatever setbacks are thrown at them.

• Lone Rangers are also fiercely independent and often nonconformists.  They are the ones who follow after the saying, “While others were busy saying it couldn’t be done, Lone Rangers went out and did it.”

• Because they are so independent, Lone Rangers are often the inventors of new devices or ideas. The Wright brothers had no training in aeronautics, but set forth in building an air plane.  Caution: “Genius” is sometimes confused with “eccentric.”


• The flip side of being fiercely independent is someone who can get mired in always doing it “my way,” even if that way is the hard way. Lone Rangers can get tripped up in overcoming obstacles they created by stubbornly forging ahead on their own path. While new paths can uncover wondrous new opportunities, they can also end up being dead ends blocked by an immovable briar patch. 

• Due to their determination, Lone Rangers may sometimes disregard the help, advice, and knowledge of the experienced. While they mean no disrespect, their view simply becomes clouded by their intensity and drive to move forward—fast. They may become so entranced by their power to make decisions they misjudge the consequences of making the wrong one. 


Lone Rangers should frequently do a balance check to make sure their independence isn’t getting in the way of their freedom. Checking in with trusted advisors from time to time can keep them from making costly mistakes caused simply because they wanted to do it “my way.”

Take time to research and fact check before blindly riding off into the sunset. There may be an easier better way. If not, then, finding the trail for yourself and others who follow can be a rewarding and exhilarating act. "Hi ho, Silver!"

Image Credit: Lone Ranger and Silver. 1965. Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)


Jamie 110918 wWizI am a publishing professional with over twenty years experience in assisting with a book’s delivery from manuscript to printed book—including interior and cover design, creating files for the printer, guidance with paperwork and filings, ebook creation, market messaging, and more.