EmpyrealDreams MagisRealm rIf you're an Invisible Magi archetype, you're probably not reading this (unless someone else has printed it out and given it to you after recognizing you amid its words). That's because Invisible Magi have no platform or knowledge of how to create one.

They have no website. They don't do social media. They have no idea what a blog is. They are basically doing no promotion whatsoever, other than possibly utilizing means which are outmoded, outdated, and (unfortunately) only nominally effective. (A few have a very basic web presence, but have no idea how to utilize or monetize it.) While it may seem impossible that this type of promoter exists, it's really quite common.

Most Invisible Magi were brought up in an era where business was conducted face to face or, and only as a last resort, by telephone. These Magi quickly learned that the best and most lasting business deals stemmed from building relationships through live networking with others who they met along the way. And while much of those principles are still true today, the Invisible Magi have limited their potential by never fully learning how to utilize the Internet, social media, and the viral potential of the World Wide Web.

Maybe it simply snuck up on them while they were out networking live... nothing would ever beat a coffee and a handshake, or so they believed. Or it may be that writing and creating a book is so widely different from what the Magi did in their day job, they are simply overwhelmed by all that is out there.

The most important thing for the Invisible Magi to understand is that everything they know about building relationships and making sales still applies, it's just that now, these principals must also be integrated through today's technologies and digital tools.

What I have learned in my years of working with authors is that Invisible Magi shine the best when they are in front of a live audience and should aim for that kind of setting whenever possible. However, if they have moved from selling bricks, cars, ladies' shoes, insurance, real estate, and other whatnots, into selling books, finding their audience and places to speak live will be a challenge unless they learn to utilize the Internet effectively.


• The typical Invisible Magi knows business and knows people—real people, people he or she has possibly known and done business with for years. By using their people skills, Invisible Magi can locate the contacts they need to move forward successfully.


• Being a foreigner to the Internet and its workings have rendered the Invisible Magi, well, invisible to the online global public. They are highly intelligent, deeply knowledgeable, and potentially gurus on their topic, but are virtually unknown except in the small circles where they have appeared live.

• Invisible Magi may suddenly feel like a fish out of water. While out in the real world their contacts for whatnots may have been extensive, they may find their Internet following can be counted on one hand (if they have any at all).

• Learning everything there is to know about been seen online may be overwhelming, time consuming, and frustrating to a Magi who's never entered this ocean before.


• One key for Invisible Magi is to find reliable, knowledgeable people who can help them move forward into the digital age. This could mean finding a virtual assistant who creates an online presence for them. It might mean learning key techniques needed to create that presence themselves, along with taking their networking skills online where they can continue to do what they do best. For the Invisible Magi to succeed, he/she must remove their invisibility cloak and become visible to the world.

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