The Writer's Stall (and other excuses)

Scriptroad MailaIt's not a dance, it's a list of excuses writers come up with when they are hesitant to sit down and write. For example, you might find yourself saying, "I can't write until I. . . 

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Are You Ready to Publish Your Book Now?


You may have heard: "It's easy, just upload your Word document and you have a book." But, if you are quality-oriented and want a professional-looking product that avoids common publishing design faux pas, you may need assistance. Moreover, if you are technically challenged, what seems "easy" to others, may be a stressful, frustrating endeavor you don't want to experience.

My 7-Step publishing program has two tracks. You can choose the "Do it Yourself" (DIY) track, backed by calls designed to help you each step of the way. Or you can choose the "We Do it All For You" (WDIFY) track which can be customized to include everything from ghostwriting the book, copyediting, interior and cover design, and even uploading the files to your printer (and much more). Besides myself, I have access to some tremendous professionals who can help you make your book the best it can be from inception to market.

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Are You Suffering from “Write My Book" Procrastination?

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“Write my book” procrastination
is a serious disorder that causes its sufferers to display an array of visible, sometimes embarrassing symptoms noticeable to others. For many, it may cause them to lose sleep, become distracted while working on other projects, drift off from conversation, or even lose income and miss life-enhancing opportunities.
I too once suffered from the “write my book” disorder. I struggled for fifteen years to pen my third book, Transformational Healing. (You’d think after having done it twice before, it would be easy, but no, this one was different. It was hard!) It wasn’t until I almost died that I realized how important this seemingly simple thing was to me and my life and finally sat down and got the job done. 

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12 Glorious Gifts for the Writer in Your Family

 booksbyclaireLooking for the perfect gift for the writer in your family? Here are some of my favorite ideas. (Pssst... writers... share this with your loved ones and let them know which one's you want most!)

1. COFFEE HOUSE GIFT CERTIFICATES: Most every writer I know thrives on their favorite beverage and needs a hot cuppa-something close at hand. Whether your in-house writer is the drive-through/carry out type or the sit-for-an-afternoon-and-muse personality, this is the gift that will fit any price range. 

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Jamie 110918 wWizI am a publishing professional with over twenty years experience in assisting with a book’s delivery from manuscript to printed book—including interior and cover design, creating files for the printer, guidance with paperwork and filings, ebook creation, market messaging, and more. If you are seeking help in creating a profitable, quality product, I’d be happy to discuss the details with you at no charge during a Publishing Assessment call.