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Is it time for a new marketing blueprint?


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If you sell books, products or services online, you may have encountered disappointment in attracting the flock of clients you desire.

Your reaction may have been to change your pricing, redo (and redo) your website's look, or buy expensive widgets you hope will enhance the site's function.

If you are experiencing a lack of sales or signups you cannot resolve the situation simply with redesign or expensive widgets because the problem doesn't stem from form and function alone.

Often the dysfunction is heightened by a lack of true client connection due to a Messaging Gap. But what is that?headacheGirl

If you are here, you are likely an intuitive entrepreneur who has a great desire to help others. 

You may be an author, artist, healer, or coach, intuitive reader, alternative practitioner, or other professional residing outside traditional lines—because many entrepreneurs are.

You "fly your own way" and live "out there," so you may not always express yourself in concrete terms your readers can grasp. It's so easy to get caught up in buzz-word catch phrases that don't really mean anything in terms of what the would-be client is paying for. Phrases like:

• "Help you to really shine. . . "

• "Re-connect with your passions. . . "

• "Find your true path. . . "

. . . sound great, but may not clearly explain what it is your really do. 

You may feel awkward putting yourself in front of a global audience, thus you may hold back part of your true self.

Intuitive entrepreneurs often integrate new ideas and methods that are not widely known or accepted. This means that you may be able to do innovative things that could help a lot of people. But if it's not understood correctly by potential clients, they may hesitate to buy feeling unsure of what their money is really purchasing.

(Don't worry, it's very easy to overcome these problems!)

You may not know this, but Intuitive Entrepreneurs frequently morph as they move through the transformational process, lending toward frequent changes in thought, profession, and marketing messages.  

During these transitional periods, you may languish in doubt and indecision while you try to figure out who you are this week, and what you really do. This is often subliminally reflected in your website messaging, leaving prospective clients confused.

I know how frustrating it feels when the very thing you are best suited for goes unused, unappreciated, and undervalued.

Your heart aches knowing how many people might benefit from what you do, if only you had the opportunity to show them.

Moreover, you may carry an underlying feeling of disappointment. Partners and others may add pressure for you to quit when they don't see results. They may criticize you about money spent on training, coaching, and other business tools. 

As a website designer who has viewed thousands of websites over the years, I've seen how many talented authors and entrepreneurs miss valuable opportunities to obtain clients and sales due to problems in three critical areas: 1) visual design problems 2) not engaging readers emotionally, and 3) the Messaging Gap—all of which are easy to correct.  

The Messaging Gap affects all your written materials, including your blogs, marketing messages, and more. Correcting the Gap will enhance all aspects of your marketing and ensure more interest in your books, products, and/or services while also providing a congruency in all you do.

To help you overcome the Gap, I've created a system designed to correct both the symptom (a poorly performing website) as well as the deeper cause (the Messaging Gap) behind what creates it. 

WritingDuring Your Bridging the Messaging Gap call sessions, you will learn a unique system designed especially for you to:

- evaluate your website for potential problems

- create a blueprint that will enhance all of your written messaging

- create a profitable sales path for clients to follow on your site

- understand both practical and emotional aspects of your messaging

- learn how to make your products and services irresistible

- connect more fully with your ideal clients and keep them coming back for more

- and much, much more...


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TandyElisala sm"Jamie is the real deal! She did an absolutely amazing job helping me revamp my sales page. Jamie has a keen eye for details and knows the best flow for sales pages. She gets how words fit together and how the meaning behind words impacts the emotions of a sale. She looks at the big picture and the smallest of details to make sales pages ROCK! I highly recommend working with Jamie."
~ Tandy Elisala, Certified Professional Success Coach, Author, and Speaker,




Begin by downloading your Free Website Evaluation Checklist. Upleveling your website can be easy if you start by answering a few simple questions. Print out the checklist, then answer the series of simple questions and evaluate your scores. The answers will offer you valuable insights that, when properly implemented, can encourage more client interest, signups, and sales. 

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Need Personalized Help?

Bridging the Messaging Gap Phone Sessions - Uplevel your site with the advice you need! 

Would you benefit from a deeper look at your site and its messaging by someone with long-term experience in building websites, Internet marketing, and selling online? What if that person could also intuitively integrate matters of body, mind, and spirit so that your results were not just technically pleasing, but also in harmony with your heart?

During this series of calls, you will gain the advice you need to make valuable changes to your site encouraging more client interest, more signups to your list, and greater potential for sales. These calls will walk you through important questions and concepts about selling via your website that you may have overlooked. And because these are one-on-one sessions, each call is focused particularly on your site and what you do. These are not generic, one-size-fits-all answers, but guidance offering great depth into making the most of what you do.

Each call lasts approximately 60 minutes. 



CherylPastor smWriting copy for my website had always been difficult for me. I never seemed to be able to connect with the clients I wanted to attract. It was all about me and not them. Jamie asked a series of key questions that helped me identify my ideal clients, connect with them on a deep level, and emphasize to them how they would benefit from working with me. Thank you, Jamie. You arrived at the perfect time and showed me how to write better copy to take my business to the next level. ~ Cheryl Pastor,


Call 1: Your first call will be a consultation where together we will:

- review and discuss your current website

- evaluate current and potential problems

- determine your short and long-term goals for the site


Call 2: This call will dive deeply into what you do and the customers you serve:

- discussing your passions and what you love most to do

- understanding your clients wants and needs

- exploring the emotional component

- discovering the deeper implications of this information

 ComputerGirlwPhone s

Call 3: This call will delve deeper into your sales channels:

- discussing the flow of clients

- creating the blueprint for irresistible products and services

- income trails

- dollars and sense


Call 4: During your next call we will dig deeper into the technical workings of the site:

- setting measurable goals for marking new results

- define a profitable sales path for clients to follow on site 

- discuss the technical trouble spots of the current site  


Call 5: This call explores your website traffic patterns and inbound marketing

- examination of your marketing strengths

- discussing strategies that make marketing easy for you

- evaluate potential return traffic

- determining what's working and what's not


Call 6: Finalizing open ends, Q&A, technical help

- Continue with follow-up on any ongoing items

- discuss strategies for technical issues

- review client blueprint

- discuss your next steps


Pulling from a broad base of writing, technical, and marketing skills, I am fortunate in having many skilled gifts from which to guide you through this endeavor. And yet, most of what we do together involves gentle conversation, intuitive guidance, and a process of simply asking the right questions so you can access the answers already within.

As part of the conversation, we will not only work on Bridging the Messaging Gap, and the emotional connection between you and your ideal client, we will also talk about some of the practical information you need to connect to clients via your written words.

The calls will be recorded so you can refer to them again and again, and you will have email access to Jamie to answer any follow-up questions.  

To get started, simply click the "Take this Course" button (found at the top of this page). Then, using the drop-down box, choose the number of calls desired. You can choose to purchase one call at a time or save by choosing one of the package deals. 

Questions? Feel free to email Jamie for more information. 






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Jamie L. Saloff

Jamie L. Saloff, a self-publishing specialist with over eighteen years experience, works with creative, enterprising women who have a method to teach or a story to tell and a desire to inspire others. Jamie teaches them how to use books to grow their clientele and increase income so they have more freedom to do what they love.
Jamie offers books, classes, and one-on-one guidance designed to fit every budget. She coaches clients on: 
- Project planning

- Book brainstorming

- Writing accountability

- Self-publishing counseling for print and ebooks

- Website marketing assistance 

- Manuscript assessments

- and more . . . 
Jamie is dedicated to helping authors avoid the many scams and money traps hidden in the book publishing and marketing world. She shows clients how to keep costs low and profits high while stressing the importance of quality and professionalism. She is the author of seven books including 7 Easy Steps to Professionally Publish Your Print Book. 

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